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Air Diffusers

Air Diffusers

Aeration is key to predictable performance from your pond. Your pond environment receives life-supporting oxygen from the atmosphere at the surface where the air and water contact each other, as well as from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface. These processes are both affected by weather: available wind energy (wave action) and sunlight. Weather is unpredictable, and that can create stagnant water and low oxygen levels. When there is no sunlight, there is no photosynthesis to create oxygen. In stagnant water, there is no physical energy to help the water and air exchange gases, and water forms well defined layers of different temperatures. Poor environmental conditions in the pond for fish and other organisms are the result.

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond, and helps keep good water quality predictable. Beneficial bacteria reduce sludge and nutrients, and there are reduced incidences of undesirable algae and odours. Winter ice is not allowed to seal the pond surface, and restrict oxygen and gas transfer. Aeration allows your fish to thrive in an optimal environment, and fish populations experience improved growth rates and vigour.

Robust-Aire diffused air systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes. Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 2.5m. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of the pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward, and many cubic meters of water are mixed with little expended energy. A Robust-Aire™ energy-efficient compressor injects air in the bottom of your pond with weighted, SureSink™ air line, and into the Robust-Aire diffuser assembly. The diffuser breaks up the air into micro bubbles, which rise to the surface. The rising of the air bubbles creates current, which transfers low-oxygen water to the surface, allows it to contact the atmosphere, and breathe. Temperature layers are disrupted, and fish are able to inhabit the entire water column. Oxygen levels increase, and harmful gases in the pond water are expelled. There is no disruption of the serenity of your pond setting, just the assurance that it is getting the oxygen that it needs.


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Features and Benefits 

Robust-Aire Systems

Available in 1-6 diffuser head assemblies, Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration is consistent with other product offerings by Kasco: quality design, efficiency, & professional assistance, along with CE marking.

Our compressors and the associated cooling fans are available in 220V, 50Hz power.

Systems come standard with our large cabinet, but can be ordered without a cabinet. Robust-Aire systems with one, two, or three diffusers can be housed in our post-mounted cabinet.

Additional System Options

Remote Manifold

A remote manifold kit is now available as an option with any Robust-Aire diffused aeration system. These kits allow for remote placement of the compressor system, away from the pond or lake, and allow you to place the valve manifold at the water’s edge. This option is ideal for remote ponds, where electricity isn’t near the pond.

Each compressor will deliver air to the water’s edge via a customer-provided 20mm PVC pipe to the valve box. Two compressor systems will require two 20mm PVC lines and two valve boxes. The RM kits include the valves, valve box(es), and fittings. Click on the photos in the slider to see a diagram of each kit for the RA1, RA2, RA3, and the RA4-6 systems.

DP (Deep Water) and XL Robust-Aire Systems

The DP and XL systems are designed for deep ponds and lakes or applications where more water turnover per diffuser head is desired. The DP systems use the 1/2HP Teich-Aire compressor (KM-120) to deliver 55 litres per minute per diffuser head. The XL systems use the Teich-Aire 3/4HP compressor to deliver between 70 and 90 litres per minute per diffuser head.

In applications with significant water depths and regular shapes, more turnover per diffuser head may be a good choice. In these applications, fewer diffuser heads in the design can help save on equipment and installation costs.

Custom Design Assistance

With combinations of systems, we can provide a design for almost any lake. Custom design assistance is available including a system layout on an aerial map of your pond or lake.


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