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Kasco offers many sizes of high volume surface aerators to fit the needs of your pond or lake. These quality units provide valuable oxygen and agitation to promote a healthy pond or lake. The units boast outstanding oxygen transfer rates and low overall operating costs. Each unit is fully self-contained, and floats into place in your pond or lake.

Typical applications include commercial aquaculture, agricultural ponds, industrial plants, municipal waste water and garden ponds. These units are typically selected for surface aeration when a decorative fountain pattern is neither necessary, nor desired.

Auburn University has performed independent product tests, and has found that Kasco’s aerators’ SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency) is at least 1.36kg of oxygen per HP per hour of operation, making them some of the most efficient, and effective units available.

All Kasco pond aerators are self-contained, lightweight units that float at the surface with a single power cord returning to shore, and two or three mooring lines anchoring the unit. The units are easily installed and maintained by a single person, and have proven to be an excellent choice for both continuous-duty pond or lake aeration and supplemental aeration for unique applications. Kasco Pond Aerators are available in the following models. All include a float and two (or three) 15m braided nylon mooring ropes, and are available with rubberised 10m or stub electrical power cords (8400EAF, 2.3EHAF, 3.1EAF, & 3.3EHAF only in Stub Cord Option).


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Product Specification

Size HP
Min. Depth
Voltage / Phase
Running Amps
2400EAF 1/2 38cm 208-240V / Single 2.2
3400EAF 3/4 45cm 208-240V / Single 3.4
4400EAF 1 49cm 208-240V / Single 3.7
8400EAF 2 51cm 208-240V / Single 8
2.3EHAF 2 51cm 208-240V / Single 2.6
3.1EAF 3 61cm 208-240V / Single 11.9
3.3EHAF 3 61cm 380V / 3 Phase 4.1

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